Victim's parents seek death penalty

Victim's parents seek death penalty

Clad in a light pink saree, the gang-rape victim’s mother had tears in her eyes as she walked out of Additional Sessions Judge Yogesh Khanna’s court on Tuesday saying that justice will not be done if they are not hanged.

The woman, who lost her daughter nine months ago, said she was satisfied, but her fight for justice does not end here.

“We have been waiting for last nine months to get justice for our daughter. We want the accused to be hanged,” she said. 

The victim’s father maintained that the accused should be given death sentence so that it sends out a strong message to people and nobody dares to commit such a barbaric crime in future. “If they do not get death sentence, my daughter would not get justice, and in the days to come, this crime will take dangerous form,” he said.

However, expressing disappointment, defence lawyer A P Singh said that he would challenge the verdict in a higher court.

“We were hoping that this kind of judgement would not be delivered. This is not a fair trial,” he said.