Social activist tries to attack defence lawyer

Social activist tries to attack defence lawyer

A social activist tried to attack accused Mukesh Singh’s lawyer V K Anand outside the court for defending the rapist in the December 16 case. The attack was prevented due to heavy police security around the complex.

Anand was briefing journalists after conclusion of the three-hour-long arguments over quantum of punishment when he was cornered by protesters demanding death sentence to the accused.

One of them, identified as Anita Gupta, got aggressive and began arguing with Anand. Seeing the situation getting out of control, he started walking back to the court complex, but was followed by Gupta.

As Anand entered the court premises, Gupta also gained entry without being stopped by security personnel. Gupta was continuously raising slogans against the rapists and the defence lawyers.

Witnesses claimed that Gupta picked up her sandal and was about to hit Anand when a Delhi Police officer interfered and overpowered her.

She was immediately escorted out of the court premises and gate number three was barricaded. Journalists were also asked to leave the court premises after the incident.

Anand went inside the court building and decided against filing any police complaint against Gupta.

She continued demonstrating outside the court and said the defence lawyers should also be hanged for supporting people involved in such brutal crimes. “The lawyers have no guilt despite knowing that the accused are guilty. The case would have been cleared months back if these lawyers did not come up with nonsensical statements to defend the accused,” Gupta said.

She claimed to be a social activist and boasted of succeeding in attacking Anand.
Similar scenes were seen when the lawyer of Akshay and Vinay, A K Singh, was briefing journalists. Singh was being interviewed when a youth came near him and abused him for representing the rapists.

However, unlike Anand, Singh got furious and had an argument with the youth. The guy decided to leave the place when Singh threatened to get him arrested.