Now, alarm app to 'shake' you out of bed

Now, alarm app to 'shake' you out of bed

Now, alarm app to 'shake' you out of bed

A new 'merciless' alarm clock app that has no snooze button and only turns off when you vigorously shake your cell phone has been developed.

Once the alarm goes off, the user has to rattle his cell phone until the "shake meter" fills up - or else it resets.

There is no option to lower the volume, either.

The meter could take a while to load, too, depending on the difficulty level set. The higher the level, the more vigorous your shakes will have to be to shut off the alarm.

The Wake N Shake app keeps track of the number of days in a row that you managed to wake up by awarding achievements, including "hat trick" for three straight days and "shake domination" for 10 days, 'Mashable' reported.

It also has other features like a quick nap mode. Users can select however many minutes they want to rest, and the alarm will set accordingly.

Wake N Shake is not the first gamified alarm clock. FreakyAlarm plays an array of irritating sounds that won't shut off until you solve a set of math problems.