Krishna recollects Hegde days

Krishna recollects Hegde days

Krishna recollects Hegde days

Former external affairs minister S M Krishna on Thursday said he and the late former chief minister Ramakrishna Hegde could not be on the same political platform despite being close friends.

Speaking after giving away the Ramakrishna Hegde award to TV serial director T N Seetharam, he said the then political situation was not conducive for them to be in the same political party.

“Though we were in two different political parties, it never created any problem in our relationship,” he added.

All through his speech, Krishna recalled his friendship of  Hegde.

Govt bears expenses

He narrated the situation that prompted the then Cabinet headed by him to take the decision to bear the medical expenses of Hegde in his last days.
Krishna said that when he visited Hegde in the hospital, he saw some lawyers waiting to meet him.

On enquiring, it was learnt that Hegde was planning to sell his farm land to clear his hospital bill.

So, the Cabinet took the decision to bear his medical expenses, he added.