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Impressed by life in the jungle

Catch ‘George of the Jungle’ on Zee Studio at 4.45 pm on September 14. Ursula, an American heiress, goes on a jungle safari in Africa.

When she is attacked by a lion, George saves her and takes her home. He has survived a plane crash as a baby and has been brought up by a gorilla. Ursula is impressed with George and his lifestyle in the jungle. Soon, Lyle, Ursula’s fiance, joins them in the jungle.

He does not like Ursula being friendly with George and insists on taking her home immediately. She goes with Lyle, but also takes George with her. Watch the film to see George’s adventure in America.

The movie stars Brendan Fraser, Leslie Mann, Thomas Hayden Church and John Cleese.

Trouble on Christmas Eve

Watch ‘Jingle All the Way’ on Star Movies at 6.06 am on September 14. Howard Langston, a salesman at a mattress company, is constantly busy at his job. He disappoints his son when he misses the karate exposition.

In a bid to make up for this, he pampers his son and promises to bring gifts. His son tells Howard that he wants an action figure of television hero turbo man for Christmas. Unfortunately for Howard, it is Christmas Eve and every store is sold out of turbo man figures.

Howard is forced to travel all over the town and compete with everybody else, including a mail man named Myron, to find a turbo man action figure, and to make it to the Wintertainment parade which will feature turbo man.

Looking for answers

Catch ‘Angels and Demons’ on Sony Pix at 4 pm on September 15. Leonardo Vetra, a physicist, is murdered. His daughter Vittoria and symbologist Robert Langdon go on a quest following this. Clues from the secret brotherhood lead them all around The Vatican, including the four altars of science.

An assassin, who works for the brotherhood, captures four cardinals and murders each one of them. Will Robert and Vittoria find the new destructive weapon that could kill millions of

House of the demon

Tune in to ‘Monster House’ on WB at 9 pm on September 15. In the movie, little DJ
is observing his neighbour who destroys tricycles of children trespassing his

When DJ’s parents travel on the eve of Halloween and a nanny stays with DJ,
he calls his clumsy best friend Chowder to play basketball.But when the ball falls in
the neighbour’s lawn, the old man has a siege and soon, they discover that the house is actually a monster.

Later, the boys rescue a school girl named Jenny from the house and the
trio unsuccessfully try to convince the nanny and two policemen that the haunted house is a monster. The teenagers ask their friend Skull how to destroy the house and they disclose its secret on the Halloween night. people in time?

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