CVC sends fresh notice on rotation of govt officials

CVC sends fresh notice on rotation of govt officials

Peeved at the way government organisations are not adhering to the directive to rotate officials in sensitive positions, the Central Vigilance Commission (CVC) has issued a fresh missive asking department heads to curb overstay of officials such postings.

This is not the first time that such a circular has been issued in this regard. In the circular last year, the CVC had said that officials should not be retained in sensitive posts for unduly long periods in “guise of indispensability”.

The CVC has warned that overstay and continuous posting of an officer in sensitive positions afford scope for indulging in “corrupt activities” and “developing vested interests.” 

This is not in the interest of the organisations, the anti-corruption watchdog said.
In the circular, the CVC said it has observed that rotational transfers were not effected in many government departments and organisations due to which officials continue to remain in the same post for long periods.

“The Commission would emphasise that periodical rotation of officials holding sensitive posts/jobs needs to be ensured. As such, officials should not be retained in the same place/position for long by the Ministries/departments/PSUs/banks/organisations etc," the circular said.

The CVC asked all department heads and Chief Vigilance Officers in the organisations to ensure strict compliance of the Commission’s guidelines and implement the same in letter and spirit.

In a bid to keep a watch on the situation, the CVOs have now been specifically asked to report the action taken indicating the number of officials rotated or transferred in the respective organisation in the monthly report submitted to the CVC.

As per rule, the CVOs and departments are to identify sensitive posts and staff working and ensure that they are strictly rotated after every two or three years to avoid developing vested interests.