'Catch them young' is the mantra of these American guests

'Catch them young' is the mantra of these American guests

'Catch them young' is the mantra of these American guests

Hanumanthapura, located about five kilometres from Nuggehalli in Channarayapatna taluk is a small village with only 35 houses. The last fifteen days an awareness programme has begun for the tiny tots of this village by Bevu Foundation of Bangalore, along with three foreigners who have chalked out a programme targeting young minds.

Having worked in the USA for a few years, Srinidhi and Yamuna Srinidhi, returned to India with an aim to work for the welfare of the people and founded Bevu Foundations. ION organisation of North Western University of America joined hands with them and the representatives Satvik Nandamuri, Paul Kim and Jerome Jeevarajan arrived at Hanumanthapura.

While Satvik and Jerome are natives of India, Paul is from South Korea.

The main objective of the team is to create awareness on sanitation, maintenance of cleanliness and hygiene, and imparting other life skills.

The team has already spend about Rs 28,000 to create a playground at the government lower primary school and have installed play equipment. The foundation has also installed a name board in the village for the benefit of the people.

The American students have mingled completely with the students teaching them rhymes and other lessons. They teach them the importance of maintaining personal hygiene before and after using toilets.

Srinidhi and Yamuna said that they had chosen a small village on an experimental basis. They said that they would extend their work to other places, depending on the response they get.