resident Rwandans cast their votes from City

resident Rwandans cast their votes from City

Bangalore, Sept 15, 2013, DHNS:

Rwandan nationals in the City came together on Sunday to cast their votes in the Rwandan Parliamentary elections, which will be held on September 16 in the African country.

Rwandans living in foreign countries have been given the opportunity to cast their votes a day before the actual elections to choose their representatives for the Chamber of Deputies (the lower house of the bicameral national legislature of Rwanda).

Out of the 218 Rwandans residing in the City, 91 cast their votes at the Jain University campus on Sunday. The counting process was concluded on Sunday evening. The results were subsequently sent to the Office of the High Commission in New Delhi.

“Although there are only 218 Rwandan nationals in Bangalore, the Rwandan government was not hesitant to provide them with an opportunity to vote from overseas. There are 80 candidates in the fray, but the citizens will vote for 53 of them at present,” said Mohan Suresh, Honorary Consul of Rwanda in Bangalore.

Mucyo Rutishisha, Second Counsellor of the High Commission of the Republic of Rwanda, explained that of the total 80 positions, 24 seats were reserved for women, two for youth and one for disabled candidates.

“As Rwanda is stepping into the third phase of its National Information and Communication Technology (ICT) policy, there is a growing demand for knowledge in the field of technology. Bangalore being the IT hub of the country is the first preference for students pursuing higher education,” he said.