'Revolution no help to women's standard of living'

'Revolution no help to women's standard of living'

Youth pour out their woes at convention

'Revolution no help to women's standard of living'

Revolution in information has increased problems for women and did not help in improving her standard of living. Without change in mindset and development scientific temparament, one can not bring in reforms inspite of rapid progress in information and technology, opined writer Dr H S Anupama.

Speaking at youth (female) convention organised by the DYFI here on Sunday, she said mobilephone is being misused during sexual assault incidents. Development of technology in the field of medicine is also used against women. In such a scenrio, is it possible to bring in reforms in the lives of women with the information and technology,? she asked.

“We have been hearing that women have been successful in all the sectors.

However, when it comes to politics, only three women are seen. The instances of assault are on rise. It was only in the case of Delhi gang rape that the court pronounced death sentence so early. There are several cases pending for hearing in the courts across the country. There are several cases which never come to the limelight,” she said.

“It was only through united fight that a victim will get justice. Various organisations should raise their voice when women meet injustice and exploitation,” she appealed.

“In an era of techology, the relationships are moving away. Youth are concentrating on mobilephones and are within a group of their friends and are not looking at the nature,” she rued. DYFI district President Muneer Katipalla said women should raise their voice whenever sexual assault cases come up in the district and protest against exploitation. Women should raise their voice whenever women working in malls, shops and hotels are exploited.

DYFI women wing sub committee co convener Mallika also spoke.