CVC took up only 3pc of plaints in 2012

CVC took up only 3pc of plaints in 2012

People have been approaching the Central Vigilance Commission (CVC) with grievances against corruption in the government. But, the anti-corruption watchdog has found less than 3 per cent of the complaints “serious enough” to warrant an intervention.

According to the 2012 figures, the CVC received 37,208 complaints, 113 per cent more than the 2011 figures. But the commission took up only 923 (2.74 per cent) complaints.

The figure was marginally better in 2011, when 5.93 per cent (1,023) of the 17,407 complaints were dealt with.

The CVC’s annual report said it found only a few complaints “serious enough” to warrant a follow-up. The complaints were forwarded to chief vigilance officers concerned and the CBI for investigation.

Officials said people approach the CVC without any knowledge of its mandate.

“In a majority of the complaints, allegations were found to be either vague or on administrative issues. The commission also received a large number of complaints against public servants working for state governments, who do not come under the jurisdiction of the commission,” the report said.

Besides, a large number of the complaints were anonymous. In a majority of such cases, the complainant intended to harass someone, rather than report corruption.