A still from the film ‘ 2012’.

The year 2012 is doomsyear. With the sun heating up the Earth’s core there are sudden and massive earthquakes and tsunamis around the world. In the meantime, we have few people building the ‘ark’ somewhere in the Tibetan Himalayas to save mankind. As usual, there is the dark side to this project – the berths have been bought by the world’s richest and the VVIPs.

Prior to the catastrophe, somewhere in the United States, we have scientist Adrian Helmsley (Ejiofor) fighting against corruption. But the center of focus soon shifts to Los Angeles-based writer Jackson Curtis (Cusack) who tries to rescue his ex-wife (Peet) and their two kids – to get them to Tibet.

‘2012’ as a disaster film is huge and there are plenty of awesome scenes with refined special effects. When we look at it from the technical angle, there has never been such a splendid disaster movie since ‘Independence Day’. Leaving aside the preachy dialogue and tons of routine remarks, this film certainly catches the eye with its equally mega-star cast.

On the dark side, ‘2012’ lacks the punch to knock up your emotion and intelligence leaving you with no clear idea over the entire concept of doomsday.

However, the film’s strength lies in its massive explosion scenes. They make doomsday look like a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity which one should never miss.

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