Giant 10-feet cat sets Guinness World Record

Giant 10-feet cat sets Guinness World Record

Herculean cat! A giant 10-feet-long liger - hybrid of a tigress and a lion - has been named the world's biggest cat by Guinness World Records.

The liger appropriately named Hercules weighs 418kg and lives at Myrtle Beach Safari Wildlife preserve in South Carolina.

Ligers are known to be bigger than their parents, however, Hercules' size is huge enough to have won him a spot in the Guinness.

"We just knew that the largest living cat probably was the liger. We have not measured a liger before, we are aware of other ligers," Sara Wilcox, public relations and marketing executive for Guinness World Records said.

The 131-inch long cat lives in the preserve's area called TIGER, which stands for The Institute of Greatly Endangered and Rare Species, 'Closer' magazine reported.

The feline appears in the Guinness Book of Records 2014 as the "world's largest feline, weighing in at 922 pounds (418kg) and measuring 131-inches long and 49-inches tall at his shoulder."

Ligers are not found in the wild and they can achieve double the size of their parents and weigh 100 times more than the average pet cat.

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