Express train derails near Jaipur, 7 killed

Express train derails near Jaipur, 7 killed

Express train derails near Jaipur, 7 killed

He had boarded the train with happy memories of a long-cherished vacation spent with his family members in Jodhpur. He was now happily returning to his workplace at Bagdogra in West Bengal with renewed energy.

But when he woke up after a terrible jolt and brief unconsciousness, Manohar Lal Vishnoi, 25, found himself severely injured with his right hand amputated.

Manohar, an Air Force personnel, is one of the 25 injured travelling on the Delhi-bound Mandore Express which derailed near Banskho near Dausa district in Rajasthan on Saturday morning. At least seven people were killed in the accident.

His brother Ram Niwas said Manohar also sustained fracture in his left hand and hip bone. He was fast asleep when the accident occurred. He got up to lend a helping hand to his fellow passenger, but soon realized his hand was soaked in blood and he couldn’t stand up.

Delhi-based Manish Chauhan, 24, was also rushed to SMS Hospital here with other injured and lies unconscious with his right leg amputated. His father Ram Khiladi said Manish worked for an insurance company and was returning from his official trip to Jaisalmer and Jodhpur.

Anna Costley, a New Zealand-based community worker, was also on the last leg of her India tour when she woke up with screaming sounds all around, finding herself on the floor. She was conscious but in pain and it took about 15 minutes before the emergency exit was broken open and all the women passengers were pulled out.

During her seven-week stay in India, she visited Kolkata, Bhubneshwar, Darjeeling, Varansai, Agra, Jaipur and Jodhpur. She was returning to Delhi to take her return flight back home on Monday.  Smiling and putting up a brave face, Anna said the train accident has not deterred her from taking another visit to India.

“Of all the places, I loved Kolkata the most. You can feel the city,” she said. Happy after receiving a phone call from her father, Anna hoped she will be able to fly back home on Monday. Three dead have been identified as Sonal Singh,18, of Delhi, S Kumar of Jodhpur and Ujjwal Wadhwa of Jaipur, the hospital said.  Efforts were being made to retrieve the fourth body from a mangled coach.

Fifteen coaches of the train had derailed around 1:30 am near Banskho level crossing between Jatwara and Jhir stations, according to railway sources. A portion of the track reportedly pierced the AC coaches and hit the passengers.