Not just an ice cream

Not just an ice cream

We are all familiar with the concept of getting burgers and sandwiches customised with fillings of our own choice ala Subway, but ever imagined a similar service with ice - creams? Ever thought of an ice cream parlour where you can choose your own flavour(s) mixed, not topped, with jujubes, jelly beans, cashew pralines, marshmallows, candies, fruits, nuts, chocolate chunks and all you could want? Sounds like a dream? No, it is not.

The widely-popular American concept of cold stone ice creams – where a mix is prepared with ingredients of a customer’s choice on a frozen stone slab – is getting popular in India as well. Starting with cities like Hyderabad and Mumbai, where they are common now, cold stone ice cream parlours are now popping up in Delhi too.

Goosebumps, an originally Hyderabad-based ice cream chain, has just opened its outlet in Karkardooma complex, East Delhi. Its owner Hemant Jain says, “Cold stone ice creams were first created in 1988 by Donald and Susan Sutherland, residents of Texas, US and avid ice cream fans. They started the world’s first Cold Stone Creamery.

As word spread and demand for it grew, ice creams prepared on a cold stone became common.”

This formulation, though, is not just your regular ice cream with different ingredients. Cold stone ice creams have a 19 per cent fat content as compared to the traditional ice creams which have 12-13 per cent butter fat. This prevents them from melting on the stone when being mixed and tossed. “This stone, by the way, is kept at a constant -17 degree Celsius,”
informs Hemant.

Nilay Arun of Hokey-Pokey, another new ice cream parlour serving cold stone preparations, in Punjabi Bagh, says, “People are surprised when we tell them about cold stone ice creams. We invite them to see how our chefs prepare them. Initially, visitors stick to our signature creations like Angel Apple Pie, Black Forest Blend, Brownie Break, ChocCoffee Crazy, Very Very Berry etc., and then they become more adventurous and order their own blends.”

Cold stone ice creams are also available at Giani’s (Punjabi Bagh), Cocoberry (Saket), Whipped Dessert (Greater Kailash) and other select places. As Nilay says, “It’s an experience we are serving. Not just an ice cream.”