Line them up with foodies

Line them up with foodies

There are many a times that a day calls for a ‘big’ dessert. Like...uummm...a huge slab of chocolate cake, scoops of ice cream or steaming hot cookies. But, nowadays for all those ‘health freaks’ there are, these mini desserts have become really popular.

In case one is not familiar with the term, dessert shots/shooters are those perfectly-sized mini desserts that are have become really attractive on most restaurant menus. Well-constructed dessert shooters are definitely a thing of beauty. They make for the best presentation too for the guests. And, with their being so easy to put together, one doesn’t have to sit and wait for that ‘big cake’ to be baked in the oven to be served.

Abhinav Sharma, head chef, Amsterdam Kitchen and Bar, says, “The concept of dessert shots came to existence with the change in fitness awareness. With more and more people working on getting healthier and fitter, the first thing people do is to avoid sweets or decrease their sweet intake. Gone are the days where people used to have a big slice of cake with a cup full of ice cream and plates full of jalebi and gulab jamuns. Now, people just want to satisfy their taste buds for the sugar craving and prefer having smaller quantity of desserts.”

Therefore, these dessert shots have sprung into the scene as they are served in small and easy to have quantities which fulfill one’s sweet tooth without impacting a healthy lifestyle. There are a variety of flavours available in dessert shots and most of them are derived from the classic desserts such as tiramisu, chocolate fudge, mango, strawberry cheesecake and many more. The other reason for these dessert shots becoming popular is that it gives you a chance to try more than one dessert at the same time but in limited quantity.

Another chef Kewal Kumar Nailwal, chef patisserrie, Bakers Studio, Jaypee Greens Golf and Spa Resort, says, “Dessert shots really look fresh and attractive in terms of presentation. Also they save a lot of revenue and wastage of the dish.”

Almost any kind of shot glasses will work for most dessert shooters. And one should try to prepare at least two dessert shots for each guest. And then just wait to hear accolades and applause from the guests!