Boxing units plan to set up ad-hoc committee

Boxing units plan to set up ad-hoc committee

Suspended internationally for almost a year, the Indian Boxing Federation is all set for a massive churning with a majority of its state units deciding to meet here on October 6 to form an ad-hoc body to approve a new constitution and finalise the date of a Special General Meeting.

Out of the 35 IBF units, comprising 31 states and four Boards, 24 are expected to attend the meeting which will try to find a way forward.

“The state units after much though have decided to meet on October 6. The idea is to adopt whatever has been suggested by AIBA because that is the only way forward from the current situation. A majority of the state units will attend this meeting,” IBF vice-President Brig P K Muralidharan Raja, who was the Secretary General in the previous set-up, told PTI.

“A majority of the state units want a clear picture as to what is happening. They want the directives given by the International Boxing Association (AIBA) to be followed as it is” he said.
The ad-hoc committee is expected to be either a three member one or a five-member unit.
“I am definitely coming for this meeting because the situation needs to be tackled. It has been almost a year of suspension, this has to be sorted out, how long can we sit on it and wait for things to happen?” said Bengal representative and IBF Vice-President Asit Banerjee.
The IBF was provisionally suspended last year in December due to the IOC’s ban on the IOA and “possible manipulation” in elections during which Rajasthan BJP MLA Abhishek Matoria took over as President with Rajesh Bhandari as Secretary General.

The AIBA has maintained that to get the suspension revoked, the IBF will have to adopt a new constitution approved by it, besides holding fresh elections. In the most recent of its communications, the world body has set December 4 as the deadline to conduct the polls and adopt the constitution that has been approved by November.

Failing this, the AIBA has threatened to bar Indian boxers from competing in any international event.

The new constitution has put a cap on the age and tenure of the office-bearers and done away with the chairman’s post, which was created to accommodate former president Abhay Singh Chautala.