Go funky with these pendants

Go funky with these pendants

The beauty of a woman is enhanced even more when her delicate frame is adorned with heavy, chunky jewellery. There is something for each part of the body, be it wrist, ankle, fingers or even waist – women can show off any accessory with elan!

Nowadays, the trend has shifted to chunky jewellery. Young girls can be seen flaunting pendants designed like mustaches, cameras, binoculars, scooters, cycles and wait - even miniature paintings by contemporary artists!

Chunky jewellery is manufactured as ornamentation to complement a particular fashionable costume or garment as opposed to real (fine) jewellery which may be regarded primarily as collectibles, keepsakes or investments.

According to jewellery designer Alpana Gujral, “Young girls prefer wearing less expensive and funky jewellery as they are available in variety and in bright and peppy colours. These unusual and funky designs go with any outfit and makes your presentation look unique and out-of-the-box. One can use it in a rough and tough way since it does not need too much care as compared to fine jewellery.”

“Young girls are more keen towards pieces which make them look cool. And to stand out of the crowd one needs to wear different apparel. Pendants with funky shapes defining old and new times makes one look smart and fresh. Shapes like bicycle, scooters, binoculars, spectacles makes you look sporty and at the same time chirpy by temperament. They can make you feel like a superstar,” adds Alpana.

The best part about these jewellery pieces is that one can wear it anywhere. It is just as appropriate at a formal event as it is with your casual everyday wear. “Gone are the days when girls used to dress up simple. They are now experimenting and know what they want and this is the reason why girls are more attracted towards such jewellery. Every girl wants to try a different style and a chunky piece of jewellery gives them an edge and adds to their style statement,” says Annu Chadha, another jewellery designer.

These pendants go well with kurtas, tunics, sarees as well as other Indian wear. There are many patterns and shapes available that can go with any style of dresses. So, it totally depends on an individual how they contrast them with their attire.