Playing it tricky for your party

Playing it tricky for your party

Guest list checked. Food checked. Music checked. But all this planning for a party comes to a standstill when one realises that there are no games to keep the entertainment going!

While a good engaging game can make your party a hit, an absence of is capable of making your party just another social gathering. Though music (read DJ) comes in handy to bring alive a celebration, there is nothing better than increasing the interpersonal communication by playing games – making the party memorable for years to come.

With the festive season approaching, each one must be planning to dust off the old boxes of tambola or housie. But these are boring options. Instead order a new game - Trippy dice, Queen Bee Says, Daredevila or Filmoholic! “Trippy dice is the best for a bachelor party or while travelling,” suggests Shruti Singh from explaining, “It has four dice which tell whose turn is it, how one will take the drink, what dare has to be performed and how it has to be performed.”

Then there is Kings Circle Drinking game, which is perfect to slosh your friends. A similar effect is expected by Daredevil - which has three cards of rule, challenge and advantage, somewhat like good old UNO.

On the occasion of a baby shower party, a “Diaper Game or Tummy Measure is fun to play,” informs Arpit Maheshwari from Wanna Party. A pack of Diaper Game has around 12 miniature diapers which has be played as different games - “One of them is a Sticker (memory maddening game) and the other is Poppy Surprize in which you can put different things into the diaper and blindfold the player to make her whiff and guess it,” adds Arpit.  

The most daring, however, are the games designed for Bachelor or Bachelorette parties! For a bachelor party, try a “Stick the Dice in which a dice is stuck in the butt crack of the player who is required to basket it in a glass,” says Arpit and Shruti suggests, “For a bachelorette party, try the game Queen Bee Says where the bride-to-be becomes the Queen and picks up the cards for the players who have to accomplish dares at three difficulty levels.” 

In case of any spoil sport, keep the punishments ready and make your party fun and entertaining for all!