Ill effects of anger

Ill effects of anger

Sometime ago, I witnessed a rather staggering yet singularly amusing sight on a street. A shop owner, in stentorian tones, was severely scolding his employee over the latter’s shoddy working ways.

Instead of remaining silent, the employee too was trying to rationalise his errant actions, thus making a simple argument to snowball into a fiery altercation.

In those fleeting moments of anger-triggered insanity, the proprietor whipped off his footwear, with which he started thwacking his forehead, saying he deserved that for having employed such an inefficient employee.

Needless to say, he had made a spectacle of himself before a swarm of onlookers, surrounding him to watch this street drama.

Anger, one of the destructive human emotions, if unchecked, can cause an avalanche of unsavoury things, besides creating irrevocable damage (both to the person spewing it and the victim).

When assailed by anger spasms, we say such asinine stuffs, or do such horrendous things that may make us repent later. It’s like blundering in haste to brood at leisure! It’s all the more dreadful when the anger gets fused with one’s ego. Road rage cases are classic instances of this, wherein we behold people with bloated egos going ballistic, embarking on a barrage of brawls with co-commuters.

Incidentally, being short-fused, with a proclivity to keep snapping at others around is one human trait, which could be more detrimental to oneself, than to others. At the professional front, persons around find it difficult to get along with these spitfire people who are often in tetchy moods. This apart, their grumpy nature, virtually devoid of patience/tolerance, makes them unable to think rationally/sensibly, which in turn can jeopardise their career prospects.

People around too distance themselves from these grouchy firebrand folks, who are incapable of offering comfort levels to anyone. Apparently, neither can they be happy, nor can they make others happy.

Even in friends’ circuits, people suffering from splenetic outbursts, often turn out to be veritable killjoys, foiling others’ fun and their own fun, too.

Naturally, with anger bouts having deleterious effect on interpersonal relations, they can soon find their friends dwindling and drifting apart. On the domestic side too, these cranky lots can easily create a stifling atmosphere at home, by vitiating things around.

Now, how to thwart these anger spells, which have the lethal power to wreak havoc with one’s mental state? Well, we should at first try envisaging the repercussions of our angry acts – the possible embarrassments, the harm/hurt caused, the sticky situations created, and so on.

Next, we should try exercising control over mind and learn to calm/relax it through meditations, etc.

Finally, we should remember, by stoking the anger fuel to the embers of agitated mind, we’d only be creating the raging fire of bad vibes, which could be more damaging to ourselves than to others.