Unreported murder cracked after a year

Unreported murder cracked after a year

Four arrested for killing a pregnant Bangladeshi woman in August 2012

North division police have cracked an year-old murder case that had gone unreported and arrested four men in connection with the case.

The Subramanya Nagar police in the last week of August detained a gang of three men in Rajajinagar on the suspicion that they were into robbing lonely commuters.

Lethal weapons had then been recovered from them. They were booked for preparation for dacoity and arrested.

The three are Lakshmeesha, 29, resident of Rajajinagar, Vinod Kumar, 28, Krishnagiri, Tamil Nadu, Mohan, 25, of Indiranagar. The police were themselves surprised by what the miscreants revealed during sustained interrogation. A senior official said that one of them hinted at murdering a woman and covering up their tracks last year. “We vehemently pursued the clues and further interrogation of the three brought the details of the crime in its entirety,” the official said.

Lakshmeesha, the gang leader, is a resident of Rajajinagar I N Block and hails from a well to do middle class family. Police sources say that Lakshmeesha was into money lending.

He had an affair with one Anjali, 26, a Bangladeshi national who was working as a domestic help in the City. Lakshmeesha had in fact put her up at a house in Chikkabidarakallu, in Madanayakanahalli police limits, Bangalore Rural District.

Lakshmeesha has confessed, police claimed, that Anjali had got pregnant with his baby and was pestering him to marry her. Lakshmeesha decided to get rid of her and hatched a conspiracy with his associates – Vinod Kumar, Mohan and Madhu in August 2012.

Madhu, a cab driver in Malavalli, Mandya, brought his car in which Lakshmeesha brought Anjali, and his other associate Mohan joined him. They went to Vinod Kumar's house in Krishnagiri district in Tamil Nadu where they all had  liquor and got Anjali also heavily drunk.

The miscreants had added drug in alcohol that Anjali consumed and she fell unconscious. They dumped her in Madhu’s car and on the way and strangled her to death. They later buried her in a pit by the roadside dug up by Tamil Nadu government for water supply from Cauvery river. They had even slit her throat before they buried her. Police have now arrested Madhu, 24 the cab driver in whose car the woman was murdered. The police have also seized the car.

Police who investigated the case, said that even after confessing to have murdered and buried the woman in Krishnagiri, it was a huge task for them to exhume the mortal remains of the deceased. The official said that the gang tried to mislead them showing wrong spots thrice before they came up with the actual spot of the burial in Uttangarai taluk in the district.

City police with the help of local police at Krishnagiri exhumed the mortal remains of the deceased on Monday in the presence of the local tahsildar.

Newlywed woman dies

A newlywed woman allegedly hanged herself after a bitter argument with her elder sister over her troubled marriage, at the latter’s house in Ambedkar Nagar, Mahadevapura, Wednesday evening.

Madhukumari, 28, was married to a farmer from Malavalli in Mandya district, three months ago. However, Madhukumari, who lived with her widowed sister, Shobha, in the City, was not happy with marriage and instead wanted to work. The sisters, natives of Hassan, were working in garment factories.

Madhukumari had come to her sister’s house for the first time after marriage on Wednesday. However, Madhukumari had a bitter fight with her sister over the marriage issue when the latter tried to convince her to stay with her husband.

Shobha then left for work leaving her sister alone in the house.

However, when she returned in the evening, she found Madhukumari hanging from the ceiling fan in the hall. Shobha told police that her sister was upset with the marriage and suspected that she might have ended her life over the issue.

Mahadevapura police have registered a case of unnatural death.