In Sept, Bangalore receives record rainfall in 25 years

In Sept, Bangalore receives record rainfall in 25 years

In Sept, Bangalore receives record rainfall in 25 years

With a record 349.5 mm of rainfall from the South-west monsoon from September 1 till date, the City has registered the highest rainfall in the past 25 years, according to the data from the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD),

Almost anything can be predicted but not the weather in Bangalore. IMD Director B Puttanna said: “It becomes difficult to predict weather, as our city is affected whenever there is a depression formed either in Bay of Bengal or Arabian Sea.”

As per the IMD data, the City was the most drenched in September this year than the previous months as well as against the previous year’s records. This year the City received 177.1 mm in June, 139.7 mm in July, 135.5 mm in August and 349.5 mm in September till date, while the City recorded a rainfall of 7.2 mm in June last year, 66.7 mm in July, 83.6 in August and 68.4 mm in September.

An assistant professor from Centre for Atmospheric and Oceanic Science said: “It all depends on the climatic conditions prevailing near the coastal areas and the pressures formed in oceans.”

12 low pressure system

Puttanna said that the reason for a low record of rainfall last year was due to formation of just three to four low pressure system in the Bay of Bengal and Arabian Sea, while this year more than 12 low pressure system were formed till day. Not just the State capital, around 18 districts in Karnataka have also received excess rain and 12 districts have received average rains so far.

More rains are expected from the north-east monsoon in October, according to the Met department.