Rahul introduces monthly monitoring system for AICC secys

Rahul introduces monthly monitoring system for AICC secys

Rahul introduces monthly monitoring system for AICC secys

Keen to streamline the working of party functionaries, Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi has introduced a monthly monitoring system for all AICC secretaries ahead of next Lok Sabha polls and ensuing assembly elections in five states.

As per the new system, all AICC secretaries will have to submit details of the work being done under their jurisdictional areas in a performa to the Congress Vice President by the 10th day of every month.

According to an internal communication of the AICC, the secretaries are supposed to give details of the results and outcomes achieved in their role point wise and the processes used to achieve the same.

In the brief write up, the AICC secretaries will have to mention the states and the areas including the number of District Congress Committees (DCCs) and Block Congress Committees (BCCs) assigned to them.

Gandhi's focus on implementing the rules came amid complaints that performance was being ignored in the party and that the organisation was not given importance by those in the government.

The new performa asks the AICC secretaries to specify the number of DCCs in which the DCC and its BCCs have held regular meetings, the percentage of DCCs in which the DCC and all its BCCs have held the monthly meeting, the count and percentage of DCCs and BCCs in which monthly meetings have taken place and the number of DCCs and BCCs meetings a particular AICC secretary has attended, sources say.

In the latest communication to the AICC secretaries on September 14, the party has asked them to provide details of the districts in which all the BCCs and DCCs have held monthly meetings in August.

Since the performa has been introduced from this month, they have been asked to furnish the details by September 20.

After becoming Vice President, Gandhi had held elaborate discussions with party general secretaries and secretaries seeking to understand problems in the functioning of the party.