Only one-fourth of all calls to police actionable

Only one-fourth of all calls to police actionable

Over four lakh calls were received by Delhi Police’s central control room between August 16 and August 31, but only one-fourth of them were actionable calls.

According to data, 4,29,439 PCR calls were made, of which, only 1,14,137 were actionable calls. A police officer said there have been instances when police help was sought by drunk people after they failed to find parked cars, and housewives for getting new LPG cylinders. Total 919 calls were also related to people seeking help to stop loud music in neighbourhood.

On the other hand, 262 calls relating to kidnapping were received and police teams were immediately sent to attend each case. “Over 700 calls were related to harassment and sexual assault on woman, while 1,300 calls were related to scuffle between married couples,” the officer said.

Analysis of data also reveals that about 45,711 of the calls were related to quarrel. Police, however, said people report quarrel, but when the PCR van reaches spot, it turns out to be some other case. Of the 45,711 calls, 4,700 turned out to be calls for unclaimed property, 801 of unconscious persons, 38 of murder, 279 of stab injury, 228 of attempt to murder, 260 of road rage and 211 of robbery.

Similarly, police received 57,887 inquiry calls that were not crime related. In one of the calls, a student asked about way to his exam center. A housewife also made a PCR call to report that her gas cylinder had finished and she wants to book a new one. “People also complain on PCR about electricity breakdown in their area. Though it is not our duty, but we help such persons and transfer calls to our other sections,” the officer added.

Drunk people made 2,160 calls in which it was reported that their cars were stolen from parking area outside hotels, bars and pubs. But when PCR vans reached the spot, they told police that they were not able to find their cars in parking. “PCR van staff then searched the cars,” the officer said.

Over 1.42 crore calls were made to the PCR last year.