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Come visit the Lord of Moon

There are several temples dedicated to Lord Shiva, named Someshwara, which means “The Lord of Moon”. According to the Puranas the Moon was suffering from tuberculosis and after praying to Lord Shiva, he was cured. This earned Lord Shiva the name Somanatha or Someshwara. While the Someshwara temple of Bangalore is very famous, its counterpart in Kolar is not so well known outside the district town.

But most tourists who visit Kolar do not miss the 14th Century temple, which is richly adorned with carvings and beautiful pillars.

The 150-feet tall, stone and brick gopura (tower) is built in the Vijayanagar style consisting of various geometrical shapes, the dwarapalakas and dancing women on the outer wall. Idols of Shiva and Vishnu are on the other side of the gopura. There is also a beautiful Varaha along with a Nataraja statue on the wall proving that the Vijaynagar rulers were practising both Shaiva and Vaishnava traditions.

According to the Archeological Survey of India, the temple was built by the early rulers of the Vijaynagar Empire, who belonged to the Sangama dynasty. A medium-size Shivalinga named Someshwara is worsh­i­pped there. The temple also has a shrine of Goddess Parvathy. A kalyana mantapa (marriage hall) at the south west corner of the temple also has beautiful sculptures.