Subtle music touches a chord

Subtle music touches a chord

To celebrate different kinds of music in a unique style, the ‘Festival of Strings’ concert was organised by The Majolly Music Trust at the Alliance Francaise recently.

The concert began with a performance by American classical guitarist Daniel Linden, who played many pieces that were mostly subtle and soft. The different compositions included ‘Prelude 4 in E minor’, ‘Prelude 3 in A minor’, ‘Prelude 1 in E minor’, ‘Prelude Fugue and Allegro BWV 998’ and La Catedral. The dexterity of the artiste’s fingers was amazing and the performance wowed the audience with its finesse.

After a break, the programme had a different genre of music, presented by Santhosh Chandran and Anish TN. Santhosh and Anish, on the guitar and cajon respectively, pleased the audience with their Indo-Flamenco music. The different pieces they performed included ‘Rhythm of Love’, ‘Bliss’, ‘Latin Breeze’, ‘From the Soul’, ‘Dharma’ and ‘Take 9’, which were a unique combination of flamenco and Carnatic music. Many music connoisseurs praised the artistes for their rendition.

Rageshwari Sripad, a music teacher, said that she was excited to hear different genres on one platform. “The tapping of the cajon and the soulful notes on the guitar were unique,” she added. Musulani Ahmed, a college student, said she was excited to see the cajon being played. “I perform with a band, and it’s always fun to see new instruments being played,” she said.

The artistes too were excited to perform as part of the festival. Daniel, who was here earlier, said that he was excited to be back. “I used to work on fusion music when I was here but it was a different experience to be on stage, playing classical music,” he commented. Reuben Mathew, the manager of the band, which Santhosh and Anish are a part of, added, “As a band, the group plays Indo-Flamenco music. This is our first official performance as a band and the crowd was very supportive. Many audience members gave us good feedback.”

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