'I am not cut out for politics'

'I am not cut out for politics'

'I am not cut out for politics'

The last few years have proved lucky for ‘Challenging Star’ Darshan as his movies Sarathi and Krantiveera Sangolli Rayana had created waves at the box office. Producers in the Kannada film industry are lining up to sign the actor as his mass appeal ensures returns and the movie becomes a superhit. 

Now that the big-budget movie Brindaavana has been released, Darshan says the real success of the movie is measured by the appreciation of the fans. And even in this film, his action image hasn’t been tampered with. Ask him if he ever feels like breaking away from this mould and he says, “I never hoped to change my on-screen image. This what the fans like and that is what they come to the theatres to see. While my movies are
different, I would still want to give them the ‘Darshan’ that they like.”

While his performance in Krantiveera Sangolli Rayana was much appreciated,
Darshan says that he would not want to do another historical film. “Movies like Krantiveera Sangolli Rayana come just once in a while. It was an opportunity that came my way and I am glad I did it. But historical films take a lot out of you. And I don’t have the patience for them anymore,” he says.

As for Brindaavana being a remake, Darshan says that he is proud of the film. “The movie may be a remake but I want to appeal to all the fans to watch the original and then watch this film. Then they will realise how differently this film has been shot. Moreover, how well it has been made,” he says.

What has also been in the spotlight is the friendship that Darshan and Sudeep share off-screen. But the actor says that there are no plans for the two to work together on screen anytime soon. “Sudeep is a very good friend of mine. We enjoy each other’s company but professionally, we are different. In fact, every time we meet, we ensure that we don’t talk about movies,” he says.

While most actors try their hand in politics, the ‘Challenging Star’ states that he wants to stay away from politics. And though he has many friends in politics, he has never been tempted by it. “The maximum I would do is campaign and that too only for appaji (Ambarish). But I am not cut out for politics as I don’t have the temperament for it,” he says.

Soon, Darshan will also be seen in a movie titled Ambarish. Talk to him about it and one can here the excitement in his voice.

“The power of the movie is in its title. There will be a lot of pressure on me as the title is bigger than the movie itself. I am eager to start working on this movie,” he adds.

But one is taken aback when Darshan confesses that he has no dreams as an actor. “I entered this industry to act. I don’t dream big about my roles, directing or producing movies. Everyday, I get up, come on the sets, act and return home. I am here to entertain and that’s what I will do,” he signs off.