Rainwater harvesting in all BBMP offices

Rainwater harvesting in all BBMP offices

Project aims to save 1.2 crore litres of water

The Rs 65 lakh  project is expected to save nearly 1.2 crore litres of water every day in the future.

The Palike intends to complete the projects by April 2010. “We are targeting all the BBMP buildings in the city including hospitals, schools and ward offices for rain water harvesting for our internal use,” informed a Palike official.

 In all, over 300 BBMP buildings are currently being targeted by  the officials for rainwater harvesting. Palike officials said that the 16 buildings that already have RWH mechanism will save 1.2 crore litres of rainwaterper day.

 “In the second phase Palike head office, the Council building and the IPP centre will be   taken up for rain water harvesting,” said the official.

The Karnataka State Council for Science and Technology, consultants to the project, has  provided the feasibility report. Officials state that the third phase of rainwater harvesting, as in the previous phases, will have the same number of buildings and cost around Rs 65 lakh.

Solar power    

On the other hand, the BBMP  still awaits for the Government to approve two projects of installing solar panel systems to generate electricity for their internal use.
The projects were to establish the Grid connect Solar PV Systems at the BBMP Main Building and the Council Building in the same vicinity. The project was to cost Rs 2.25 crore in total to install the  system.

 “While solar energy will be eco-friendly and cut down on our electricity consumption in conventional terms, the capital cost is on the higher side,” opined the official.
According to the officials, the project has been approved in-principle but is yet to be approved on paper.

The Horticulture Department in the meantime has decided to create at least a 1,000 recharge pits for water percolation in the parks under its