For a dash of spice

For a dash of spice

For a dash of spice

If you’re looking for a quick bite, then ‘Sharma Chaat Centre’ is the perfect
place to head to in the evenings.

As the name suggests, the eatery, located on Chikka Bazaar Road off Queens Road, specialises in chaats.

The items on the list include masala puri, dahi puri, tomato chaat, samosa chaat and cutlets.

For those who prefer a heavier snack, there’s gobi manchurian and noodles available. The prices start at Rs 15 and go up to Rs 40.

YG Lakshman, who has been running this place for the last 12 years, says that the family has been making chaats for 45 years now. 

“We’ve moved several locations since we started and have finally settled down here. We’ve got a good response here, which keeps us going,” he says.

The place, which is surrounded by offices, colleges and hostels, has many regulars who come by everyday. “Actually, most of those who come here are regulars. It’s only once in a while that we have new customers,” says Lakshman.

With people getting health-conscious, Lakshman says that they have had to cut down on the amount of salt and spice used in the dishes.

“These days, everyone who comes here asks for reduced salt and spice levels. Even while preparing the gobi manchurian and the noodles, we are careful with the amount of oil that is added. We also ensure not to use anything artificial like food colouring,” he explains.

Ask Lakshman how he ensures that the chaats are different and he is not willing to divulge any details.

The place, which is popular in the area, is best known for its spicy offerings.
 “We don’t offer any desserts here. We want to add some dishes to the menu but unfortunately, we don’t have enough manpower. This has become a big issue for us,” he explains.

The regular clientele look forward to the evenings, when they drop in and relax with friends.

“Almost every other evening, my friends and I get together to have chaats— we like them best here,” says Ameen Ali Khan, a frequent customer. His friend Umar Farooq adds, “This is the part of the evening that we look forward to.”

Aditya, another customer, says, “I like to try out new stuff every time I come here. But I make it a point to have the gobi manchurian. Sometimes, I get it parceled to office and have it as an evening snack. I ensure that it is made to suit my taste. Since I am not fond of salty food, I specify my requirements.”

The eatery is located at Chikka Bazaar Road, Tasker Town and is open between 5 pm and 10.45 pm.

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