Janni for B V Karanth museum at Rangayana

Janni for B V Karanth museum at Rangayana

'Problems aplenty related to administration in the repertory '

Janni for B V Karanth museum at Rangayana

Theatre personality H Jhanardhan (Janni), appointed newly as Director of Rangayana Mysore, will be taking charge on Monday or Tuesday.

Janni who is presently serving as a teaching faculty at Regional Institute of Education (RIE), in an interaction with Deccan Herald, shares his ideas and plans for the repertory, which has remained headless for the last many months. Excerpts.

Q: What is your priority for Rangayana?

A: My priority will be establishment of a museum dedicated to theatre personality B V Karanth, who’s brainchild is Rangayana. The museum will comprise of his collection of theatre related things which will be on display at Rangayana. The plan has been in the pipeline for decades. He had world’s best musical instruments and theatre related books.

Compact Disks (CDs) of his music composition for theatre and others will also be made available. We will seek support from artistes and writers in this regard and start works immediately. It will be helpful for all theatre enthusiasts.

Q: How do you plan to tackle the problems ailing the repertory?

A: There are lot of confusions in Rangayana. There are few problems related to administration, and even the style of functioning of the artistes. I will interact with administrative staff as well as the artistes to ensure harmony in Rangayana, which is key to improving the affairs.

Q: What are your plans to extend activities of Rangayana?­

A: There is utmost necessity to conduct theatrical activities outside Mysore without restricting the art to the city. Creative activities of Rangayana should reach corners of Karnataka. Plans are there to conduct workshops, plays at rural areas.

Q: Do you think Ranga Samaja, which had remained oblivious to Rangayana’s affairs, will play a more active role here onwards?

A: Obviously. We have all kept our fingers crossed that the Ranga Samaja will support the repertory activities. Scholarly personalities like Prof Govinda Rao are in the team, which will help boost the developments in Rangayana.

Q: What are the expectations of the Rangayana artistes from the new director? How will you voice their issues?

A: First and foremost, their problems related to pensions and other beneficial schemes which has not been made available to them will be looked into. I will analyse the issues and make earnest efforts to solve them.

As the Director, I am a coordinator between Ranganaya artistes and the government through Ranga Samaja. There is a need to deeply examine their problems and to take measures appropriately. I consider it my important duty to do so.

I plan to hold discussions with government and Ranga Samaja on a regular basis. If there are legal hurdles in executing any plans, the government can be requested to make certain changes in the rules, for the good of the artistes.

Q: There are criticisms about a few substandard plays being staged for Navarathri Rangotsava.

A: I am not aware of the list. However, the tastes of theatre lovers might vary. As soon as I take charge I will go through it and nothing which will harm the tradition and damage Rangayana’s name will be allowed to be staged. But it will be difficult to make last minute changes. 

Q: What are your other plans for Rangayana and for the 25th year celebrations next year?

A: I will have to prepare plans only after discussing it with the Ranga Samaja. I will take up creative activities with inputs from artistes, writers and all others involved in theatre to make the celebrations of 25th anniversary a big success.

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