Zest to be employed draws elderly to job fair

Zest to be employed draws elderly to job fair

The zest to work and strive to be financially independent brought over 1,000 senior citizens aged between 60 and 70 years at a job fair here on Saturday.

Nightingale Empowerment Foundation (NEF) and R V Institute of Management came together to host the job fair in order to support and encourage the elderly take up new jobs and engage themselves in various activities. “I am coming here for the first time and it feels extremely happy to be apart of this. I thought I will try my luck along with the others,” said Shariff, 62.

 “This certainly becomes the need of the hour. Population of the elderly in India is constantly growing along with a big change in people’s lifestyle. There are citizens who are forced to live alone and lot of them are not even receiving pensions,” said S Prem Kumar Raja, Secretary, NEF.

Many private companies like Appolo, Max Life were the ones recruiting beside recruiters like Raghavendra Seva Ashram. A variety of jobs from clerks to supervisors and security was listed for the elderly to choose from.

Massive experience

Physically fit and the disabled alike came together to find themselves an opportunity to make use of a lifetime of experience and wisdom. Unlike mainstream job seekers, the demands of the elderly was minimal, often to keeping the job light with relatively low salary. “I have my savings in the bank but I do not like to sit idle. It only make one brood and depressed,” said Deva, 68.

“I spent my career in the forest department and now I want to teach. It will make me engage in conversations with the youngsters and that will refresh my mind,” said Shivaraju, 61. “I have been retired for six years now and this will provide me with a platform to work. Activity keeps your mind and body healthy, plus I will get to save more money,” said Bopaiah, who served as a Captain in the Indian Army.

“This is the third edition of the job fairs we have been hosting. Over the years, we have seen more number of senior citizens turn up as this encourages them to be able to live on their own money even after they have retired. The employers are also given a platform to recognize their skills and further train them accordingly. It is actually good use of manpower,” said a volunteer.