Another twist in tale

Sphere Origin’s Jyoti is coming up with a twist where Uday will be soon tying the knot with Sudha. The high emotional drama that follows will keep the viewers glued to their television sets. Uday’s mother pressurises him to get engaged to a girl she has chosen from a village.
Uday is helpless and can’t say no to his mother. So he agrees for the engagement. On the day of the engagement, he comes to know that Sudha has again gotten an attack. He somehow manages to calls Sudha to the temple. When Sudha reaches the temple, Uday forces her to marry him.
Jyoti soon arrives at the venue, but to her horror, the couples complete the rituals and are declared as a man and wife by the pandit. Will Jyoti support this marriage? To know more about it,  watch Jyoti every Monday to Friday at 8.30 pm on NDTV Imagine.

World Tour:Go beyond the average vacation hotspot on Discovery Travel & Living’s new season of Globe Trekker. From mountains, volcanoes and glaciers to deserts and rivers,  Globe Trekker journeys the distance on an entire host of exceptional expeditions around the world, profiling local culture and activities among stunning landscapes and backdrops. The programme airs at 9 pm on November 16.

Slithering attacks

HBO presents Copperhead starring on November 16 at 9 pm.
The thriller stars Wendy Carter, Billy  Drago and Brad Johnson.
A small Western town filled with gunslingers, saloons   and high stakes poker players is suddenly thrown into disarray when a major army of snakes attack it. 

Search for authentic Indian cuisine

Rhodes Across India airs at 8 pm on Discovery Channel on November 16. Gary Rhodes and a team of young sous-chefs take the trip of a lifetime. Their mission is to find the best of authentic Indian cuisine, learn how to cook it, and then return home to cater to a major banquet in celebration of India’s independence.
In each episode of Rhodes Across India’, Gary and his team explore a difficult regional cuisine.
From food for royalty to delicacies cooked on the streets, Punjabi to Parsi, Mughlai to Marwari, they learn about ingredients, flavours, cooking techniques and the culture surrounding each dish they explore.
As if that was not tough enough, Gary will then have to impress one of the most successful Indian chefs in the UK. Atul Kuchhar’s restaurant Benares is the setting for Gary’s feast. Will Gary live up to the challenge of preparing Indian food in an Indian restaurant for an Indian clientele?

Interesting show

Don't miss Bhaskar Bharti on Monday, November 17 on Sony Entertainment Television. The show, which recently completed 100 episodes, airs every Monday  to Thursday at 7.30 pm.

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