Omar hails PM resolve to keep date with Sharif

Omar hails PM resolve to keep date with Sharif

Omar hails PM resolve to keep date with Sharif

Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah on Saturday hailed Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s decision to stick to the scheduled meeting with his Pakistani counterpart Nawaz Sharif despite terror attacks and hoped that the talks would address pending bilateral issues amicably.

“Today, I want to salute Singh as he did not let conspiracy to succeed by leaving the talks table,” Abdullah said while addressing a gathering after laying the foundation stone for a flyover which will  connect Jehangir Chowk and Rambagh here.

“Our eyes are presently on the summit room in New York where the two leaders will be talking,” he said and referred to various attempts made at derailing the dialogue.
The chief minister said the recent terrorist attacks in Hiranagar and Samba in Jammu were aimed at disrupting Manmohan Singh-Nawaz meeting in New York.

“We have observed that whenever the atmosphere for talks between the two countries is built and schedules are out, terrorist attacks or something most untoward is created to sabotage the talks,” he said.

Omar Abdullah said animosity between India and Pakistan had inflicted deep injuries and caused pain to the people of Jammu and Kashmir.

“Thousands of our youth have lost their lives, Jhelum waters were bloodied, every household bore the brunt of the gun, our economy got shattered and people became jobless.

Now, if the people of Jammu and Kashmir cherish friendship between India and Pakistan to live in peace and safeguard the future of our children, we are absolutely right,” he said and castigated those who want to sabotage dialogue.

Without naming the BJP, he said the former prime minister of this party extended hand of friendship to former Pakistan President General Musharraf from Srinagar when scores of people were falling victim to the bullets in the Valley.

“When everyone globally believes and recognises that dialogue is the only way forward to find a solution to the issues, then all should contribute positively to facilitate the dialogue between India and Pakistan to resolve all political issues amicably,” he said.