'We can't favour a few people'

'We can't favour a few people'

Continuing Tussle

Call it late realisation or a change for the better, the current slump in the Kannada film industry has woken up film producers to get back to sharing the percentage of profit or loss, instead of the rental system, which is being followed at present.
A move which many of the exhibitors are against.

While the KFCC (Kanataka Film Chamber of Commerce) has organised a meeting on November 16 between the two parties to sort things out, sources say that there was a special meeting called by the Film Producers Association recently.
President of the association, KCN Chandrashekhar, says, “We have been requesting the Chamber to sort things out for the past few months and finally, after three letters, they have agreed.”

In this meeting, the producers aim to stand by each other and make sure they meet their demands.
“We had initially requested them to reduce the rent but now that they have not accepted it, we have decided that we won’t accept anything other than the old system,” he adds.    
The KFCC seems to support this change but all they need is unity among the  producers.
“The change will only be advantageous for everyone. There was a time when film-makers, producers and     distributors used to all share the profit and loss, after all we are family. Then why the divide now?” questions   Jayamala.

She adds, “I am glad the producers have finally realised that and they are on the right track.”
“But such changes can’t happen through strikes but only through discussions and unity among the     members. We can’t favour    a few people when the rest are against it,” she says.

Sources say that apart from the few theatres on Gandhinagar, the remaining theatres outside the City   are still running on the    percentage system.
“Basically the tiff is between just these few theatre owners and producers,” adds the source.