'Behave with dignity'

'Behave with dignity'

K T Sudhish
Sales manager, Car Rentals

When there are so many people who have been affected by the recent floods, the government is busy settling scores rather than carry out relief work for the flood victims. It is their narrow mindedness that has been exposed in the recent incident. The lawyers should never have taken the law into their hands and beat up the mediamen.

Salomi Thomas

Lawyers acting like goons and the government fighting over insignificant issues only shows to what level even the educated and supposedly dignified people in power can stoop to. It reflects badly on their profession and the government is always known to engage itself in such petty battles at the cost of the development of the State.


The lawyer’s behaviour has been shocking and the government is no better because they have given in to the blackmailing. Both the judiciary and legislature seemed to have lost all dignity after the recent incidents.

Susan Dass
Student, Sophia Girls’ High School

Lawyers beating up people in public is unforgivable. There must be a certain amount of dignity with which lawyers should conduct themselves. The incident involving the  party-politics  in government has let down the people of the State.

Suresh Aghariya

Our Chief Minister doesn’t seem to be as strong. He can’t stabilise the government. He should never have succumbed to any kind of pressure. Lawyers should abide by law rather than take the law into their own hands. They’re setting a bad example for the ordinary people.

Tia Abraham
Student, Sophia Girls’ High School

If the lawyers take to the streets and act like goons how can one expect fair justice? People look up to lawyers but if this is the way they conduct themselves then people like you and I will have to think twice before approaching them. The government is so absorbed in playing out their petty politics that they have forgotten all about the people and the welfare of the State.

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