Music festival at RT Nagar

Music festival at RT Nagar

Music festival at RT Nagar

As the State capital is growing, cultural needs of its residents are also increasing. It is not an easy task to travel from the suburbans to the City centres for cultural programmes. Hence, many cultural institutions have cropped up in far-off extensions such as Indiranagar, Vijayanagar, Rajmahal, Yelahanka, Kengeri, Isro Layout and KR Puram.

One of them, Rabindra­na­tha Tagore Nagar Cultural Association, is serving the music field for more than two decades. It hosts concerts every month regularly and Tyagaraja aradhana, music competitions and music festival – annually. This year the annual music festival was held last week in collaboration with Sri Vinayaka Devasthana Samithi with seven music concerts – both vocal and instrumental. The festival was dedicated to three great mu­si­­cians – Lalgudi Jayaraman, M S Gopalakrishnan and Bhimsen Joshi.

Gayathri Venkataraghavan, who gave a vocal concert on Friday, is a disciple of Palghat K V Narayanaswamy. She has won prizes from All India Radio, Shanmukhananda Sange­etha Sabha (Mumbai), Narada Gana Sabha (Chennai) etc., and has performed in leading Sabha and Sammelans – both in and outside the country.

Gayathri opened her concert with the well-knit varna ‘Sarasijanabha’ in two speeds and held out hopes of a delectable programme. The “Gajamukha Vandisuve Karunisi Kayo” was a welcome change from the routine invocatory pieces. Saint Tyagaraja says in his Gauri Manohari composition – “The Guru, who by the grace of the Lord, has had spiritual illumination; Only such a mentor can help to counteract the mental anguish caused by inordinate attachment.” Gayathri presented this meaningful Keertana delightfully. The ragaalapana of Gourimanohari, nerval (Tatwabodhana Jesi Kapadu) and the swara prasthara vindicated her talent and musical accomplishment. The “Harihara Putram” of Muthuswami Dikshitar, was another fine selection. After a quick “Vidajaladura”, the alap of Todi, the monarch of carnatic ragas – was further proved to be a measure of her artistic insight of a seasoned singer. She concluded her fine concert with a few devotionals like “Neenyako Ninna Hangyako”, rendered with her sweet voice and good feeling.

Charumathi Raghuraman on violin, N Manoj Siva on Mridanga and young Sunad Anoor on Khanjari – gave the vocalist a full measure of sustained support.

Budding artiste

Manohar Patwardhan is a young student of Lalith J Rao and Shantha Poti. The 18-year-old Hindustani vocalist opened his concert on Friday (RT Nagar music festival) with raga ‘Madhuvanthi’, which brought out his musical flowering. With his good voice, the entire rendition was pleasant with the raga ‘Bhava’ coming off in soft hues. It had economy of expression and with higher training and some more stage experience, he will be able to bring required weight to the raga. Dr Panchakshari Hiremutt and Guru Sangappa Hugar accompanied on Harmonium and Tabala respectively. Patwardhan also sang a few popular Haridasa compositions like ‘Karuniso Ranga’.

Sugama Sangeet

The Garden Youth Friends’ Association organised a two-day cultural and religious programmes at Ellapa Garden, Malleshwaram, in connection with Ganeshotsava. Singer Shankar Shanbog on Saturday made his programme a thoroughly enjoyable experience by the choice of beautiful lyrics of popular Kannada poets. In fact he brought variety and colour by presenting ‘Bhavageethe’, ‘Devaranama’, ‘Vachana’ and folk songs. The opening few compositions like – “Pillangoviya Cheluva Krishnana” and “Yaava Mohana Murali Kareyithu” – raised high hopes of further delights to come. “Baduku Maayeya Maata” (D R Bendre) grabbed the attention for its grand meaning and “Kurigalu Sir Kurigalu” of Dr Nissar Ahmed attracted with its satire. “Yede Thumbi Haduvenu” (Dr G S Shivarudrappa) and “Ninna Premada Pariya” (Dr K S Narasimha Swamy) were rendered in good “Vilamba Kaala” and evocatively too. In contrast, “Shravana Banthu” and “Attitta Nodadiru” were in a racy speed. The audience listened with rapt attention, when Shankar Shanbog sang with fervour, clarity of articulation, serenity of musical enunciation and tonal excellence. He had a good support from Ramesh Kumar on flute, Ravi B on keyboard, Raghavendra Shanbaug on tabla and Arun Kumar on rhythm pad.

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