Some space to get creative

Some space to get creative

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Some space to get creative

The students of Acharya Institutes recently inaugurated an art and cultural club called Aley. They did so in a unique way — by including a dollu kunitha performance in the programme.

They also staged a skit, which was based on the message of creating awareness about racism, as well as a dance that had the audience tapping their feet.

The students behind the club worked long and hard to ensure that its debut event was a success.

For additional effect, they created a week-long suspense tease campaign. On the designated day of the event, they began playing the drums on all four corners of the campus.

They formed four processions and converged towards the venue for the programme, where a crowd had already gathered. Within the next half an hour, they had staged an eclectic ensemble of productions — a tiger dance, the skit, a mime, a beat-boxing show, dance and even a cracker show. The international students of the college played a prominent part in inaugurating Aley.

The students hope that the club will encourage young talent and help students find a platform in fields like theatre, singing, dance, design, literature and art. The members of Aley say that they will be performing on a regular basis. In fact, the students seem to have grand plans — they are going to try and take the club to an international level as well.

“We were aware that it would be a challenge to capture the interest of the audience and make them to join the club. We will try our best to take the club to the international level,” says Dilip, a final-year MCom student, who is active in theatre and is one of the coordinators of the club.