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Last Updated 30 September 2013, 13:53 IST

In an impressive display of talent and creativity, the students of Inventure Academy presented their annual theatre production titled ‘The Kick, The Quest, The Question’ at MLR Convention Centre recently.

Written by Ram Ganesh Kamatham and directed by Arati Punwani Sunawala and Tarantismo, the play took the audience on an exciting adventure with protagonist Shanti, a student who found herself blanking out during an examination.

 In a panic mode, Shanti delved into her own subconscious, where she met characters like a Greek hippy named Hibuscus, a maid in China and Lady Gaga who collects butterflies.

They embark on a journey to steal manuscripts from Plato, a liberal Chinese emperor and Marx, which would provide her with the answers to write the examination. Each quest posed its own set of dangers but was made enjoyable because of elements of humour and song and dance sequences. Despite completing the task, the irony lay in the fact that she had a mathematics examination whereas the manuscripts prepared her for a history one!

Hidden between the fun and humour were core issues like the relevance of education, westernisation and dilution of traditional ideas, corruption in the system, harsh realities of child labour and environmental degradation, which were brought out through parallels drawn between the dream world and reality.

The musical-drama was the collaborative effort of 400 students from classes six to 12, who worked for two months to make the show a reality. From elaborate set designs and backdrops to costume design and ushering, the students did it all!

After the show, Radhika Malaviya, who played Shanti, said, “I didn’t expect to see a full auditorium, the response has been overwhelming. The audience of different age groups got all the jokes and I’m glad that they were part of our journey.”

Being a class 12 student, she wished she had been a part of earlier school productions. “I’ve never been a part of something like this but I’m glad I got to do it in my last year of high school at least. I’ve had moments that I will cherish throughout my life,” she added.

Parents who attended the show were surprised at how professional the students were. “I loved the choreography and the art designs. Everything from the script to the props were detailed and it made me feel like I was watching a film! As a mother, I was delighted to see my little daughter dance with so much enthusiasm,” said Sonal Hirve, an audience member.

It even inspired the younger lot, who have to wait a few more years to be a part of the middle and senior school production. Siddharth, a class four student from the school, said, “There was a lot of comedy and music, which made it fun to watch. I can’t wait to grow up and audition for a role.” All proceeds will go towards the community outreach programme at
Inventure Academy.

(Published 30 September 2013, 13:53 IST)

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