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Confusing memories

HBO airs ‘Source Code’ at 10.46 am on October 4. Army captain Colter Stevens works on a special programme where his consciousness can be inserted into another human being. The only catch is that it stays for eight minutes at any given time.

 One morning, a bomb explodes on a train in Chicago. Colter occupies the body of a teacher going to work on that train and is confused as to what he is doing or why he is there as his last memory is of flying a helicopter on a combat mission in Afghanistan.

 Those in charge of the programme explain to him that there is a bomb on the train and he must locate it. More importantly, he must identify the bomber as another bombing is expected later that day. He is also told that he cannot change the past and can only gather information. He starts liking his travelling companion Christina.

Will he find solutions to all his problems? The movie stars Jake Gyllenhaal, Michelle Monaghan, Vera Farmiga, Jeffrey Wright and Michael Arden.

A broken promise

Catch ‘Fist of Fury’ on Star Movies at 9 pm on October 4. The movie is about a Chinese boy Lee who has been sent to live in Thailand along with his uncle and cousins.

He has promised his mother not to fight— a promise which is repeatedly tested when he goes to work for an abusive manager at an icehouse.  When his cousins are killed after they discover that the icehouse is a heroin-smuggling place, Lee sets out to take revenge and eventually has a showdown with the Japanese crime lord, who is behind all the criminal activities. The movie stars Bruce Lee, Nora Miao, James Tien, Maria Yi and Robert Baker.

Power to make things true

Watch ‘Delirious’ on MGM Channel at 10.45 pm on October 4. Jack is a soap-opera writer, and falls in love with Laura, who is the star of the show.

Everyone on the show except Jack knows that Laura is just taking advantage of him. An injury on the head brings special powers to Jack. He finds that he is
able to go to Ashford Falls, a fictional place that he had written for the soap and everything he writes comes true.

An excited Jack decides to make use of this opportunity to make Laura’s character, Rachel, fall in love with him But will that be possible? The movie stars John Candy, Mariel Hemingway, Emma Samms, Raymond Burr, Dylan Baker and Charles Rocket.

Mistaken to be the suspect

Watch the suspense thriller ‘The Truth About Charlie’ on Zee Studio at 1.30 pm on October 4. Regina is on the verge of ending her marriage with Charlie when she meets Joshua during a holiday.

She is attracted to him instantly. When she gets back home, she is shocked to find that her apartment and bank account have been emptied, while Charlie has been murdered. Joshua comes to her aid.   

The police feel that Regina is the obvious suspect. Will Regina be able to prove her innocence and find happiness? The movie stars Olga Sekulic, Stephen Dillane, Mark Wahlberg, Francoise Bertin and Thandie Newton.

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