Purchasing toys is not child's play

Negative impact

Purchasing toys is  not child's play

Toys, these days, are no longer simple things that children used to play with. Parents are buying their children outcome-based toys, which work as developmental learning tools.

However, kids these days are also exposed to toys that aren’t age appropriate for them.
Especially in the doll segment, there are pregnant dolls and dolls with gothic looks. There are even those where the little girls become little mommies and take care of a baby doll by feeding, changing diapers and making it sleep.

The very nature of these dolls definitely raises eyebrows and also makes one wonder about the kind of impact these dolls must be making on young minds.

Mythili, a child psychologist, states that toys do aid in children’s development. “Somewhere down the line, toys do have an impact on children as they tend to project their emotions through them.

Be it a stuffed animal or a doll, children learn a lot from them and they also play an instrumental role in children’s development. So the parents should be careful while purchasing toys for their children,” she says.

Anitha Reddy, a parent, says that children these days have been exposed to a whole lot of things through different mediums. Such kind of toys are attractive to kids as they raise curiosity levels, she adds.

“In a way, I feel some of these new-age toys are good and help children openly talk about issues like pregnancy and how to take care of little children etc. It’s not like if we shield them from these toys, they will never learn about it. At least through toys, it becomes easier to educate them about certain issues,” she says.

Uma Shankari, an entrepreneur and mother of a seven-year-old, feels otherwise.
According to her, children tend to recreate everything they see around them.
“In that light, it is really important for parents to think twice before buying toys, which are pregnant or even those with gothic looks.

While it is important for children to know about many things in life, there is a time and age for it. I don’t feel it is necessary for them to know everything through toys
alone. I feel more than playing with toys, it is important for kids these days to go outside and play with other children instead,” she says.

Angeline, a parent, says that the new-age dolls in the market make children figure out life for themselves.

“Childhood is an innocent phase and kids should play without any of the fears and responsibility of the grown-up world. Playing with pregnant dolls, I feel, is information overload for a young one,” she avers.

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