Angamari may attack potato crop

Angamari may attack potato crop

Horticulture dept asks farmers to take pre-cautionary steps

The officials of the department, in a press release, have instructed the farmers to take the precautionary measures to keep the disease at bay.

The weather with 90 per cent humidity and 8 to 10 degree Celsius temperature is conducive for the blight disease or ‘angamari’ roga. Both rainy and cold seasons would facilitate the attack of the disease, the officials said. When the disease has affected, wet dots which appear on the periphery of leaves, gradually grow into brown colour in circles and fungus.

The officials have suggested the farmers to spray the following fungicides to check the attack of the disease:

-Mix two grams of Zainate with a litre of water

-Spray two grams of mancojeb or chlorothelonil with a litre of water to check late blight disease.

-If the symptoms persist even after spraying the above said solutions, spray a mixture of 2 grams of redomill (metalaxical and mancojeb) with a litre of water. However, if the farmers have already sprayed this solution, they should not use the anti-fungus solution.

- Sray two grams of corzet with a litre of water.

-If the disease worsens, spray dimethomorph mixed with two grams of metiram (poly-ram sanet) per litre of water.

The farmers may contact assistant agriculture director or deputy director of the Horticulture Department for further details.

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