Now, students' adalat

Now, students' adalat

Complaints can be lodged through e-mail

Yes. A Student Adalat. After the success of the ‘Shikshakara Adalat’ for teachers, the Department of Collegiate Education will extend the concept to university students across the State. Students can present their grievances at the Adalat to no less than the Minister for Higher Education and top officials at the Department.

Speaking to Deccan Herald, the Commissioner of the Department of Higher Education Nagambika Devi said after the tremendous success of the Shikshakara Adalat, the model will be replicated with students too.

“We have decided to organise the student adalat to address students’ problems. Students can raise issues ranging from bus passes and transport facilities to other infrastructural issues at the adalat,” she said. Devi added that the Adalat will be organised on a university-to-university basis and the government was planning to have the first ‘Student Adalat’ within the next “two to three months.”

The first ever Student Adalat is likely to be held for the students of Mangalore University, after which the initiative will be extended to other universities in the State. The Adalat will follow the model of the Shikshakara Adalat where grievances and complaints can be lodged via e-mail.

The Commissioner Nagambika Devi also said that although internet connectivity and accessibility was a problem in some remote rural areas of the State, all Gram Panchayats had internet facilities. “Yes there are parts where there is no connectivity and problems with power but the government is working to provide connectivity to all colleges,” she said.

Meanwhile, the Commissioner said that it would take at least six months to implement ‘Samparka’ scheme launched in September as part of the initiative ‘Hosa Hejje’.

The Department had aimed to provide high speed internet connectivity to all government degree colleges in the State. However, Devi said that the government cannot force the internet service provider, who had voluntarily come forward to provide connectivity for free to the colleges.