Hungry for revenge

Collateral Damage airs on November 17 at 9 pm on HBO. The movie stars Arnold Schwarzenegger, John Leguizamo, John Turturro and Francesca Neri. Firefighter Gordon Brewer, is done putting out fires and ready to start one of his own. When his wife and child are horrifically killed in an international terrorist bombing — linked to Claudio ‘The World’ Perrini, the CIA and the FBI offer no answers and no responses.
With the official investigation going nowhere, and haunted by the thought of his family’s killer walking away scot-free, Gordon swears revenge, even if it takes him to Columbia.

History behind various cuisines

In practically all festivals and celebrations in Asia, food is a prominent feature.
More than just an all-you-can-binge series about food, Culinary Asia chronicles the culture and identity of a nation through its culinary history,  revealing surprising origins and intriguing stories of people and places through iconic dishes such as Japanese sushi, Korean kim chi and Taiwanese oyster rice noodles.
Revel in haute cuisine from the royal kitchens of the Mughals in India and learn about the influence of religion and the British rule.
Culinary Asia airs on November 17 at 8 pm on Discovery Travel and Living.

Battling natural calamities

Humans may have reshaped the surface of the earth with bridges, skyscrapers, monuments and cities, but everything we have created is under constant threat. Earthquakes, floods, storms and other natural disasters have indiscriminately wrought havoc across the globe, causing over two trillion dollars worth of damage, and they are not about to stop.
Go inside projects such as the Thames River Barrier in London, underground flood tunnels in Tokyo, earthquake resistant skyscraper in Mexico city, and an asteroid observatory in Arizona.
Explore how humans combat earthquakes, floods, storms and other natural disasters across the globe for our own safety in Surviving Natural Disasters on Discovery Channel. The programme airs at 8 pm on November 17.

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