As fashion walked the ramp...

As fashion walked the ramp...

Big Night

Jules and Pedro.

All of the P3Ps were in full attendance at a fashion event, choreographed by fashion guru Prasad Bidapa. The event was a testimony to the fact that the rich and the famous and Bidapa are inseparable.

The night was young. Unlimited cocktails and snacks had just begun pouring in. Phirangs, wannabe models, wannabe P3Ps strode in, dressed in their barest minimum to be part of the big night. Those present made sure they gulped down as many pegs as they could before the show. It was socialising at its best.

Sharon Crowford and Roshini, both stylists, made sure they made it for the event. “The garments, hairdos and make-up interested us the most. Of course, a night out means this and lots more that comes with it,” says Sharon. French couple Natalie and her husband John had been to many a fashion event in Paris but this was their first visit to one in the City, “We’re here to see some beautiful clothes and I love the saree. Indian fabrics are a delight to watch,” says Natalie.

Jules had come all the way from Chennai to support her designer-friend Amanda, “I hope to see some modern designs on traditional garments. I do hope the designers don’t forget to add Indian feel to all their designs,” says Jules.
Day two of the fashion show was a lot more organised and everything simply fell in place. For once, a party actually started on time. The ones, who had attended the first day, were filling in dirty details to those who missed out.

As the drinks flowed, there were talks about a City-based top-model and a designer heavily gossiping through out the show. Conversations filled the air when another top designer expressed her disappointment on being put on the same line as newcomers. Models, wannabe models, choreographers and even designers, who were not taking part, filled the cocktail evening before the show.

There were even those who couldn’t face the shutterbugs without a drink or two. Nevertheless, the fashion quotient for the evening was high with lovely dresses and smart tops.