Chattering over gastronomic pangs

Chattering over gastronomic pangs

When friends accompany you to a restaurant, the urge is to chit-chat rather than indulge in discussions of what to order. Snacking gains importance over filling one’s belly and if games are at hand then the spirits are lifted further. To enjoy just such an experience, The Chatter House in Epicuria, Nehru Place should be your first choice!

Looking like a roadside tavern, the interiors are warm and earthy. The menu looks cluttered, speaking in favour of its name. Printed in a manner that makes it difficult to read the dishes, the menu makes one finish more than one drink while deciphering the so-called coded pattern.

One begins with a glass of Amrood Chaat. The mocktail tastes like a salted guava juice shaken well to give a pleasant flavour. Keep sipping the drink as you taste the Chatter House Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian Platter served on a wooden plate. The look of the food is as arousing as its taste. An assortment of various meats, the non-veg platter comprising chicken skewers, chicken wings, fish strips and mutton boti kebabs receives mixed reaction from the gourmands. While the salt content is low in skewers and the kebabs are bland, the wings and fish taste good.

In another section, the fish remains succulent and scrumptious when ordered in the form of Thai Fish Cakes. Even the Shrimp Basket is as crispy as its name with a deep red colour making it look all the more delicious. But the Butter and Garlic Prawns taste sweet in the absence of required spices.

Going back to the platter, the vegetarian assortment has crispy, fried mushrooms and paneer tikka which is tender. A spread of babaghanoush or hummus on the pita bread and the flavours of Mediterranean cuisine come alive!

There is also pasta and pizza to be relished over conversations which twist and turn as per the taste of the dish. With smooth arrabbiata sauce, the penne makes for a smooth conversation but oodles of cheese on Three Cheese Pizza diverts the matters to the harmful of eating greesy food. One filled with veggies has gratifying flavours of herb marination and other (margarita) with only basil on tomato base leaves yumminess behind.

A sip of the mocktail Mango Julius tasting like ‘Mango Bite’ and the desire to taste more strengthens. Start sharing their special nachos - french fries topped with cheese and Mushroom Toasties which overflow with rich creamy stuffing. Those interested in Indian mains, must try the Paneer Tikka Masala.

And incase any gossip is still pending, dig into their Special Nachos - chocolate cookies balancing a quadrangle brownie and whipped cream - or the rich Dark Chocolate Mousse which resembles a chocolate bomb!

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