Poll expenses limit 'unrealistic', R'than MLAs want more

 Price rise and inflation is not only a concern for the common man, but even the political parties seem worried in the current phase of skyrocketing prices and inflation as it has become a Herculean task for them to manage the poll expenses within the limit set by the Election Commission.

According to Election Commission, a candidate contesting the Assembly polls could spend only Rs 16 lakh to meet its poll expenses.

At a meeting convened by the district collector of political parties to apprise them of the EC guidelines, parties pointed out that it was a very unrealistic amount which needed revision in the prevailing situation.

Some of them suggested increasing the poll expenses per candidate to Rs 1 crore.
One of the leaders pointed out, “How can one think of contesting election with Rs 16 lakh when a kilo of onion costs Rs 70? These are not normal times.”

He argued that poll expenses should be revised realistically. The guidelines also say that candidates should also be careful while attending marriage function and other social functions.

The Rajasthan poll panel has warned candidates that campaigning for the December 1 state elections at weddings or any other social event will cost them dearly.
With the election season in Rajasthan coinciding with the wedding season, if a candidate tries to cash on in the events, it would prove very ‘expensive’. 

According to a new directive, a candidate caught campaigning at such events, will have to pick up the tab for the entire function which will also be considered as part of the poll expense.

This would severely strain the Rs 16 lakh spending limit stipulated by the poll panel.

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