Kids have their own choice

Many parents may not have had sartorial problems themselves, but when it comes to dressing their kids, they refuse to compromise on anything.

 Over the last few years, children’s fashion in India has changed and is on par with the adults’. Clearly, the Indian kids’ fashion is on the upswing with not just designers but even brands entering the market with the latest trends.

Many brands have in fact dedicated a separate line of clothes for children alone. Last year, the country even witnessed its own children’s fashion week — with many
designers showcasing their line of clothes and child models walking the ramp.

Experts feel that the need to explore this segment of the industry is only increasing. Designer Michelle Salins, who will soon be launching her children’s line, says that there is a lot of potential in the market for kids.

“Let’s face it, children these days are particular about what they wear. I have five nieces, who always call me asking for fashion advice and that really inspired me to start a line for kids. The demand in this industry is far greater than the supply and it has gone  beyond just the regular princess dresses to more contemporary ones,” adds Michelle.

Agrees Pavithra Halkatti, another designer, and adds that the children’s fashion market in India has just started to open.

 “People are spoilt for choice in the international market but in India, things have changed only in the last ten years and at a slow pace. Now that people are more brand conscious, the demand has increased for more clothing lines for children,” she says.

But parents are worried as to how this will affect the children. Hema, a home-maker, is amazed at how particular her eight-year-old daughter is when it comes to dressing up for any occasion.

 “She knows what colours are in vogue and the accessories to match with it. Kids no longer depend on their parents to select their clothes. Children watch shows on television and want to dress like adults,” adds Hema.

Sheena, an image consultant, chips in, “Thanks to the television shows based on children, kids are becoming conscious about their looks. I have come across kids as young as 10 years suffering from depression as they do not feel attractive enough.”

Kids these days already are exposed to so many things through different mediums that it is becoming difficult for parents to hide things from them. But Pavithra says that though there are so many clothing lines coming up, the decision is still in the hands of the parents.

“Fashion brands are there to cater to the needs but ultimately, it’s the parents who have to take a call and see what the child should be
allowed to wear,” she sums up. 

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