Recognizing the symptoms of conjunctivitis

Conjunctivitis, commonly prevalent in cold and rainy months spreads till December month. Normally, viral conjunctivitis develops pointed spots on the surface of the cornea - the transparent outer layer covering the iris the coloured part of the eye and the pupil. The eyes become sensitive to light.

But infection and scarring of the cornea occurring through viral conjunctivitis during this season may last for longer span than in normal eye flu condition.

However, the viral infection affecting cornea can disturb vision, if not treated, in time.

Normally conjunctivitis takes a week to cure, however if the infection turns more virulent, it may take two weeks or even more. In cases where in the cornea is affected, it takes six to eight weeks to heal. 


- Swelling of the eyes and eyelids
-Severe pain in the eyes
- Irritable body sensation due to pain and itching in the eyes
- Sensitivity to light
-Blurred vision
A sharp deep pain in the eyes and sensitivity to light in a patient suffering from eye flu should never be ignored. Patient should avoid self-medication and must consult a medical expert if the symptoms continue over a week.

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