A gripping documentary on 26/11

A gripping documentary on 26/11

Directed by Dan Reed, who made a similar film on a disastrous hostage taking at a Russian theatre in ‘Terror in Moscow’ in 2003, the movie recaps how a small band of terrorists from Pakistan spread death through Mumbai, much of it at two well-known hotels.

More than 170 people died in the attack, which Reed recreates from news footage, security camera images and intercepted cellphone calls between the naïve-sounding terrorists and someone who was giving them detailed instructions. “There are computers here with 30-inch screens,” one awestruck gunman says as he’s going through the Taj; the man on the other end of the phone has to order him to get back to the business of killing, the ‘New York Times’ noted in a preview.

“The 10 Pakistani men who reached Mumbai in a fishing boat last November 26, and proceeded, on their mission of murder and the destruction of that Indian city’s most famous landmarks, had been told the world would remember them,” recalled ‘The Wall Street Journal’.

“As it turned out, it was the one promise made by their handler—safe in Pakistan as he directed them, via cellphone, while they killed 170 people and wounded more than 300—that they could count on,” noted the Journal critic writing under the title “Dial Mumbai for Murder”.

“There’s not a moment in this stunning film that doesn’t leave one rapt with wonder,” the review adds.

The “...extraordinary circumstances that made it possible to overhear their (attackers) conversations during every step of their blood-drenched rampage” is a “fact that distinguishes ‘Terror in Mumbai’ from other film on terrorism ever made,” it says.