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Last Updated 15 October 2013, 14:05 IST

Trying to depict how one should overcome disabilities and outshine with one’s talents, the comedy performance ‘Out of Sight’ by Sundeep Rao, which was organised by ‘The Comedy Store’ at BFlat recently, was a good experience for Bangaloreans.

Comedian Kanan Gill opened the act with his humorous take on being a sardar and how people referred to his turban as the ‘thing’ and how ‘aa’ is added to every statement spoken in Bangalore. He also talked about Delhi girls, air travel and how one doesn’t need pretty ladies as air-hostesses but stronger women to take care of crises. He then cracked jokes about how people watch the route map on a flight and how
Delhiites would shout out to the pilot about taking a longer route.

The aunties who generously cook for guests and arrange marriages for people were other topics of comic representation.

After this section, Sundeep Rao presented the main act of the day. Partially visually-challenged, the artiste made everyone break into bouts of laughter with every line he said. Starting from the road conditions, the hanging wires and other issues in Bangalore, Sundeep’s take on reality through his own eyes was a different experience.

He spoke abut how concerts in India were more like stampedes, how IT professionals used abbreviations like FYI, PFA, where an email sounded like a string of alphabets, how women love messing with men, and how women always like reinforcement in a relationship. Other timely bits on the history of the country — like the future generation pointing out about the Metro work not being complete even in the next 25 years — received a lot of applause.

Despite a 10-minute break, most of the folks inside the venue didn’t step out as they patiently waited for the show to restart. After the break, Sundeep did a take on how people around wouldn’t be able to understand the concept of ‘partially blind’ and how they had their own versions, and how most of them here refer to him as paapa (poor thing). The artiste, as confident as one can be, didn’t have to try a lot to make the audience get into the mood. Sharing the journey of a partially visually-disabled person, Sundeep’s comedy was rather clear and sharp. Absolutely charmed by the acts, Shreelekha MU, a student, says, “Such performances often change one’s attitude to life.

Sundeep is the best and charming comedian I’ve ever heard and met, and he’s definitely left an impact on many folks here.”

Raghu Moolkanth, an aspiring comedian, who was in the audience pointed out that the timely and crisp thought process of Sundeep was worth a mention.

“He is a true inspiration to many of us, who just sit back and get upset about the little things in life. I came here to pick up tips for my own performances, but there’s so much I’ve learnt by just sitting and laughing at Sundeep’s jokes,” Raghu wraps up.

(Published 15 October 2013, 14:05 IST)

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