A whiff of Italian flavours

A whiff of Italian flavours

A cauldron of Italian and Mediterranean cuisines - Fresc Co in the heart of the Connaught Place has a board mentioning that its branches exist in a lot of European cities and of course, India. Once you have tasted the food, you know why.

The interiors done in pale tones feel like a Greek island in the heart of a colourful oasis. Though catering to the English taste, the place serves dishes suitable to the Indian palate too.

From the appetiser Fish Fingers ‘Own Way’ to dessert Dark Chocolate Pastry, there is more of an Italian touch here than Mediterranean. Especially when it comes to the vegetarian Ratatouille which is served with rice, Vegetable Paella and Pan Seared Fillet of Basa, making them a favourite among the wheat-complexioned gourmands.

One wants to go back to the expertly grilled Basa fish which cuts easily and disappears in the mouth. So soft is its texture that it gains a point over Fish Fingers which are crunchy on the outside and tender inside. The vegetarian Ratatouille is another master-dish prepared to perfection. The bed of rice simmers in a cheesy syrup and becomes the base for well-cooked exotic vegetables in tomato-based sauce. The tomato sauce remains prominent in Vegetable Paella too but the rice here get drenched in red and yellow and green zucchini along with broccoli. The dish gives a distinct taste - like an internationally prepared pulao with seasoning, when tried hot!

Before gorging on all these, a foodie must try their innovative preparation of Loaded Patatas and Chaat Patatas. The non-veg option is cooked with minced lamb chunks and the vegetarian one is prepared with potato wedges. Both are topped with shreds of vegetables after tossing them in a tomato-base sauce.

Appetiser Glazed Mushrooms disappoints with its bland taste even after being tried with salt and pepper. The Chicken Shawarma Roll - a mediterranean-style starter took an Italian form but only to fail the taste buds with its not-so-tasty after-effect.

While the garlic toast with excess butter is detested, the perfect proportion of cheese on thin crust pizza is appreciated. Fresh basil brings out the flavour of their Siciliana and the tender prawns are relished on the BBQ Prawn Pizza. Perfectly baked till the circumference, the pizza is easily the USP of the Italian restaurant.

Don’t forget to try out the Baked Lasagne which is rich (as expected) in spinach filling inside pasta sheets. It is sumptuous in itself!

Upholding the tradition of fine baking in the West, their Dark Chocolate Pastry is light, spongy and gooey, making it a classic example of wrapping up a meal without stuffing oneself. 

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